Friday, August 26, 2005

Post-meeting with Johanna Notes

Overall, Johanna really wants to see more work done on the NLP pipeline to produce semantic represenations. I hope I made it clear that this will be a good example of an applicaton of the framework (both philosophical and technical) that I want to work on with Henry and Andy. However, the conceptual leap is to make the various bits of the thing work as a website. Now off to get the linode server working....

As for the actual capabilities of the server, it should be able to do the following on the text:

1) Optional Morphological Preprocessing
2) Word and Sentence Detection
3) Named Entity and Date Detection
4a) Chunking
4b) CCG-parsing
4c) Dependency Grammar Parsing (based on Optimality Theory)
5a) Coreference Resolution via Syntax
5b) Coreference Resolution via Semantics
6) Temporal Annotation of Semantic Representation
7a) Propositional Semantic Representation
7b) Propositional with Thematic Roles Semantic Representation
7c) Full First-Order Logic form

It will be interesting to see what components I can get up and working by next week. Gotta get
the linode server up to host all of this ASAP, as well as the stuff from Ewan that we had on axon working again.


Blogger Kosta said...

Hi, me and my friends from Mathlingvo Initiative (, St. Petersburg, Russia) are preparing a kind of a seminar on computational linguistics and one of the subjects is a web-based service which would do natural language processing and provide a standard API for those who wish to embed this kind of functionality into their software. It seems that you have already come up with the idea, so here is my question, did you manage to implement all the things you list here on one server? If so, is it possible to take a closer look at it somehow?
Would be very thankful for any response anyways.

Kosta Sokolov (here is my page:, might be not very informative, since it's in Russian, but anyways)

1:49 PM  

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